The history of Ethan Co-op Lumber originally started back in 1886.  When the first lumber yard was established by a private owner and ran by C.J. Larson and his wife.  Larson then sold the yard to John Nickles in 1905.

In 1907, this lumberyard became the property of the Farmers Elevator.  Thus, establishing the first set of bylaws stating the purpose of the Farmers Elevator to sell products, grain, feed, farm machinery, lumber, stone, brick, all kinds of building materials, and real estate.  This original charter was adopted in July 1907 through July 1927.  History has it, for some unknown reason; there was a lapse in filing this charter on time to maintain the cooperative status.  Records indicate that it was not until November 1927 that the Farmers Elevator refiled the charter to maintain their status as a cooperative.  This charter was to stay in effect until November 1952.

In November 1952, the grain elevator and lumberyard reorganized, splitting the two divisions into Farmers Elevator and the present Ethan Co-op Lumber.  Various documents in this case substantiate the fact from the beginning of 1907 to the present.  It is a noted fact that the founding fathers that helped establish this cooperative and maintain the principles are kept in check with either direct relatives or descendents.