Our employees are a major part of our business. We have received great loyalty and support from them. We currently have two employees each having 40 years or more with us at Ethan Co-op Lumber. With an additional three employees who have been employed for more than 20 years. We also have 11 employees who have been with us 5 to 20 years. Currently, we employ over 31 full and part-time individuals.

Officers & Directors

Dale Moege – President
Dan Kurtenbach – Vice President
Dale Moke – Secretary/Treasurer
Terry Schroeder – Director
Floyd Muntefering – Director

Office Employees

Dan Boehmer – Manager/ Sales, Hire Date: Sept. 1978
[email protected]

Bob Bruske – Assistant Manager/ Sales, Hire Date: Sept. 1977
[email protected]

Kurt Weber – Sales, Hire Date: Jan. 2001
[email protected]

Jared Boehmer – Inventory/ Sales, Hire Date: Nov. 2001
[email protected]

Becky Bryant – Administrative Assistant, Hire Date: June 2002
[email protected]

Adam Termeer – Site Manager, Hire Date: Aug. 2004
[email protected]

Ashley Gunnare – Drafter/ Sales, Hire Date: June 2010
[email protected]

Lori Schulz – Controller, Hire Date: May 2016
[email protected]

Yard Employees

Dave Straight – Yard Manager, Hire Date: Feb. 2021
[email protected]

Doug Bucholz – Forklift Operator, Hire Date: Aug. 2004
Kevin Zwinger – Deliveries, Hire Date: Sept. 2018

Crew Employees

Joel Watters – Foreman, Hire Date: Jan. 2003
Jordan Boehmer, Hire Date: Aug. 2004
Clint Figland, Hire Date: Mar. 2006
Horacio Herrera, Hire Date: Apr. 2015
Esau Zuniga, Hire Date: April 2015
Colton Bierle, Hire Date: May 2015
Edy Gomez, Hire Date: Oct. 2015
Jacob Schott, Hire Date: Feb. 2020
Yelsin Gomez, Hire Date: June 2021
Nelson Xol, Hire Date: Feb. 2022
Oliver Zuniga, Hire Date: April 2022